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Sonntag, 3. April 2016, 00:57

HAG Zugkraft Personenwagen / RailTop BDt Steuerwagen Zugkraft Aargau

Hello I am looking to get HAG Zugkraft Aargau EW1 Passenger Coaches as well as RailTop BDt Steuerwagen to go with them. Are any of the forum members looking to sell these models? Please message me. Thanks


Hallo, ich bin auf der Suche HAG Zugkraft Aargau EW1 Personenwagen sowie RailTop BDt Steuerwagen zu bekommen, mit ihnen zu gehen. Sind irgendwelche der Mitglieder des Forums suchen, diese Modelle zu verkaufen? Bitte Nachricht mich. Vielen Dank

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Mike Cee


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Sonntag, 3. April 2016, 05:17


I have seen the ZKA (Zugkraft Aargau) BDt listed on a few times in recent months. The price averages around just under 700CHF and most often, it has been the DC (11402) version. As far as the Hag coaches, they too, can be found on, but have also appeared from time to time on, and other auction sites ( and UK auctions as well.

There is one current listing:…/v/an818158630/

There are also some Hag coaches listed, going for around 400 CHF each. The Hag Re 4/4II with matching livery is also listed on ricardo.
With a complete train including multiple first and second class coaches, you have entered into the price range of HUI, Sigg or other small manufacturers.

If you still intend to complete such a consist, concentrate on the RailTop coach first. As this was a special production for Wemoba and not a regular model, it will be the hardest to find. It is still possible that Hag will release a new batch of coaches (at a more reasonable cost) as well as a reedition of the Re 4/4II. Stuecki at one point mentioned Nov 2016, but I have not heard a confirmation on this. I did see that the EWI A Papagei was listed as available again at a few shops.

You could also try to locate the regular NPZ coaches from Hag, Lima or Liliput and inquire with HUI, AKU or other company to find out how much it would cost to repaint them into ZKA colours. I have had a few locomotives redone by HUI and was very pleased.


Mike C

Ich habe meine Antwort an Rajnish auf Englisch geschrieben.
Falls jemand kennt ein Shop wo die Hag ZKA Wagen immer noch am Lager sind, könnten Sie bitte eine PM an Rajnish senden?

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