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    Definitively a relevant comment from Richard , but if one is creative you can mount the strip up side down, with the LED's turning inwards against the ceiling. It requires priming with aluminum/silver paint in the ceiling to reflect the light. That way the light will be diffused.

    There are many different types sold, it should not be difficult to find a cheaper alternative than the ones offered by the moba manufacturers.

    ESU and Viesmann offer professional ones with shorter LED distance. Not as cheap, but still cheaper than the manufacturers. Two lengths and three colors typically. Some types have decoders, but then prices go up...

    Have fun,


    I would go for these:…ng-f-Waggons/382463659998

    If link doesn't work, search for "LED Innenbeleuchtung warmweiß". Very cheap and versatile. Come in different length, maybe choose longer type and cut length to your demand.

    Dependent if you use pickup shoe on every wagon or just one shoe for whole train, you might consider adding an electrolytical capacitor 470 uF/35V for each wagon, solder to the +/- pads after the rectifier. It will reduce flickering. A supercap is needed to remove flickering completely, but I don't recommend supercaps.

    Gruss Jesper.

    Lieber HAG fans,

    Ich suche eine HAG 28205-31 SBB Re 460 080-5 “Alpenqueren Verkehrshaus” WS Digital: HAG Produkte databank

    Falls irgendwo eine solche Lok nicht mehr benötigt wird, freue ich mich über eine PN. Ich würde gerne 700 bis 800,- SFr. anbieten für eine 1. Wahl modell.

    Zum Voraus herzlichen Dank, und freundliche Grüsse,

    Jesper L.

    Hi all HAG fans out there,

    I'm interested in obtaining this model: HAG Product database

    Foto: Roland Hausin

    Can anyone help or advice, please?

    If preferred I can be contacted directly on for a negotiation.

    (I am aware of the Re 42* Tr*ns R*il Rheing*ld, but that is not the subject here)

    I understand German, but I write better in English.

    Zum Voraus herzlichen Dank, und freundliche Grüsse,

    Jesper L.

    To finish my story I just want to share with you all that I have reached an agreement with HAG and the dealer, that I will be reimbursed all expenses upon returning the model. Both HAG and the dealer have been most friendly to me, thanks. I cannot get a 1. Wahl replacement because it's out of stock, which I'm not happy about, but I cannot complain either.

    Gruss und vielen Dank für Ihren support, Jesper.

    "I never loose. I either win or learn". Nelson Mandela.

    Thank you all, it’s very useful to read your comments.

    It’s my first Stansted model, I have already some models from Mörschwil. And yes, I have heard about the before-and-after HAG, and I have noticed on Ricardo that people write “Aus Mörschwiler Produktion top Qualität”.


    I have paid the listed price CHF 509,- (16271-31 AC Digital) and I was never informed that there should be anything wrong with the model. It was bought as ‘Neuware’.

    I did not mention the dealer’s name here because I think HAG is the main responsible and because it’s not fair to criticize the dealer by name when they did not have a chance to reply yet. I can say that I had a very friendly communication with the dealer so far.


    It’s obvious that the ‘schluss kontrolle’ at HAG was non-existing at the time, and likewise it’s a shame that the model was not checked by the dealer before shipping it to a customer in a faraway country knowing that I would have customs duty tax and shipping problems having to send the loco back. In these corona times and in the December time, there could many reasons for the mistakes; for example, reduced staff or pressure to ship out orders before Christmas. Yesterday I have sent mails to Heinz Urech + HAG info, and to the dealer, respectively. Let’s see what they will reply.

    There is a movie on YT “Radio Central Reportage HAG Modellbahnen” (“Traumfabrik…”) if you skip 5.05 into the movie the narrator is talking about “…schließlich holt muss jetzt schluss kontrolle machen optisch und elektrisch…”. I wonder if the staff is aware of this? :/;)

    Gruss Jesper

    Good evening Gentlemen (and Ladies if any),

    After more than six months of anticipation I finally received the long awaited Re 421 Trans Rail Rheingold here in Copenhagen, Denmark. But the excitement is unfortunately replaced by disbelief and great disappointment.

    Incredibly bad paint job and several assembly issues has left me with the question: What happened? What I have received is no less than a disaster of a model (sorry).

    It would be interesting to hear if anyone else have experienced the same kind of issues?

    It is indeed cumbersome and expensive to import items from Switzerland, and now I have to send it back - and who knows what I will receive in return. I am considering to get a refund and give up the dream of having an Re 4/4 Rheingold.

    I can read German, but I am better in English when writing.

    Happy New Year,